Step #1. Installation

Private exe Protector (PEP UI) and License Activation Center (LAC) require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 (you may download it from here or latest version of MONO for Linux

Download latest version from private exe protector home page. Unpack archive somewhere (it would be better if not on desktop, for example in D:\). If need create shortcut on desktop for "private exe protector.exe" and "license activation center.exe".

Step #2. LAC configuration

Gateway connection configuration
Run LAC (License Activation Center), menu Options -> Server configuration:
Enter your [connection api-key, pep login and password], copy to notepad [server access guid], change [local server port] if needed.

Create new project
Press [Add project] button, enter main information about your project, copy to notepad project guid

Goto [Versions] - press [Add New Version]:

Enter version name (for example, press [OK], copy to notepad V#

Press [OK] to save new project.

Create test user
Select project, press button [Add new user]:

Set user main information, enter login and password(copy them to notepad, they will need for end-user to run protected application), set status ENABLED, change activations count to 999 (or any other big integer number for unlimited activations count [unlimited pc count])

Press button [OK] to save new user.

Check LAC connection to gateway
Connect to the Internet (add rule in firewall/antivirus to allow LAC connect to the internet, OPEN LAC PORT to allow incoming TCP/IP connections from the internet). Run LAC, press button [Connect] and wait successful message in log.

If LAC shows error message, then read this article !

Let's check information in notepad, that will need you
to protect the application Server Access GUID, Project GUID, V#, test user login and password

Step #3. Project creation and file protection

Run Private exe Protector, create new project, set protection options. If you plan to use licensing then fill LAC options tab. Protect you application. After protection you will get three new files: application_name.EXE - this is your protected application, application_name-PPI-UL5.DLL - this is loader for protected application and this file is REQUIRED TO RUN the application, application_name.LAC - this file NEEDS only for LAC, it contain information about file version and contains keys for decryption - open LAC -> select project -> tab versions -> v# properties -> press button load from file and select *.lac file:

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THAT AFTER PROTECTION *.LAC FILE ALWAYS NEW and you need to upload it EVERY-TIME in V#, without uploading you never run your protected application, that's why always on new version (protection) create new V# in LAC and set new V# before protection in PEP project.

Step #4. Tests

If you are using licensing: run LAC, press connect and onlly after that run your application. If all fine application will ask you for login and password, after that it will connect to LAC. License Activation Center will check all limits, password and then allow application to run.