All api requests uses one format - JSON, remote calls produced via simple HTTP-POST request. What you will need for API-call: your LAC server ip-address and port, LAC connection api-key, first part of project guid (number before ::, for example for project guid 2 :: {92e496fc-90c0-487f-b21d-cfe47d5a835a} get 2).

Ready to use php-class here Private exe Protector folder\ppiFramework\lac-api\pep-lac-api.php

Short class describtion:

Usage example:
 $myproject = new clsLacServerConnection();
 $myproject->connection_apikey = "key here";
 $myproject->project_guid_fpart = "1";
 $myproject->lac_url_address = "";
 $myproject->lac_url_port = "9191";