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Real-time Software Protection

   Private exe Protector (PEP) is a professional software copy protection and license management. PEP works with traditional methods, such as file compression, code fragment encryption, metamorphic loading, protection from debugging and file tampering , and features new innovative techniques like data protection with stolen resources technique. All in one, it is the ideal solution for software developers.

Main functions:

  • Encryption, compression, protection and hardware-locked licensing (x32, x64 and soon .NET).
  • Reliable protection of software against debugging, reverse engineering and other hazards.
  • Complete control and flexibility of the protection option's set-up and configuration.
  • License Activation Center (server) with real-time control of user accounts: do with your users what ever you want - limit usage by: hardware, activations count, dates, executions count etc.
  • License Activation Center support unlimited count of projects and users, work as standalone application on any Windows with .NET framework v.4.5.1 or Linux with MONO.
  • Regular and significant updates of the protector.
  • Support of all common programming languages from assembler, Delphi, C, etc. to script languages, such as AutoIt, Python, Qt, Blitz3d etc.
  • Complete compatibility with any NT system: x32/x64 (XP, Vista, 7-10 etc.), even with Linux (wine)

Private exe Protector:

Private exe Protector

License Activation Center (server):

License Activation Center (server)

Latest news:

New version of Private exe Protector (x32/x64) available for registered users.

New version of Private exe Protector (x32/x64) available for registered users.

New version of Private exe Protector (x32/x64) available for registered users.

New DEMO version of Private exe Protector (x32/x64).

Still thinking, how to protect software?

Download demo v. → 08.01.15

Buy now full v.  → 12.08.2015 



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